Monday, January 31, 2011

The Old, the New, and that Which Has Yet to Pass

As my followers should know, my poor blog has become a bit neglected recently. I would pass the blame to the fact I moved house, however that happened last November! I'm just terrible when it comes to paying attention (may the Lord have mercy on my homework load this year).
As for my aforementioned state of moving house, we have found a pleasant little cottage-like home a mere three kilometres away. The new house is ridiculously similar to the old one, in fact, it feels like someone took our old house and made it bigger and better... and it allows pets too!
During these holidays, I have had a load of vintage/vintage-styled clothes grace my wardrobe. I adore each and every one of them.
A cute little red dress from 'Dangerfield'. Nice and light-weight with cute floral pattern.
I LOVE THIS DRESS! I feel like a true tea-party-goer when worn.
This dress it a halter neck and much more flattering than shown in the image. has a cute petticoat underneath too!

Can I just say this dress is also pretty amazing?! Bought it from a 'RetroStar: Vintage Warehouse' sale for $10! When worn with a belt, this dress too, makes me feel like having a private teaparty.

Finally this cute number was given to me by my aunt for Christmas. I don't think it's ever been worn but it's an adorable '70s-'90s 'Calvin Klein' one piece swimsuit. I can not wait to flaunt this baby off on the beach!

Also! The year finally presents itself with a career! Albeit, I would not have had the career if not for my lovely friend Maddie. Ironically, the job is working with the show 'Alice in Wonderland'! One day two actors were away from the children's 'meet and greet'. So to fill-in, Maddie and I both had to dress up as Alice and the Dormouse. I GOT TO DRESS UP AS THE DORMOUSE!! *squeals in delight* It was so much fun! We had a tea party/photoshoot with about 10 kids from the audience. The only downfall being, it was a really hot day and being in a suit of fur is not appropriate for such weather. Also, I got chased by the kids who were acting like cats and being required to pretend to be a Dormouse, I had no choice but to run like a fool.

So I am now looking forward to finally finishing holiday homework, locating the whereabouts of my iPod and what feels like, yet anonther eventful year of high school!