Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Loverly Friend: the Typewriter named Remington


Recently I was given this lovely retro blue 'Remington' typewriter (as modelled by my wooden manikin, Katie) by my Aunty Michaela. I absolutely adore it! Everything from it's ivory coloured keys to the way it chimes when I reach the end of a page.

How cute are these keys?

I have done multiple assignments, letters and forms on this little baby and it's much easier to use than people think! Sure I've had to look up some slight problems I've encountered such as accidentally locking the capital letters, losing the ink tape, snapping the space bar... but it's all worthwhile once you know how to handle the basic hiccups. Although not fun to fix, I find myself feeling very much like Lemony Snicket in the movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events whenever the ink tape gets caught.
I highly reccomend getting a typewriter, not just for it's novel aesthetics but also because it gets you away from the life-controlling computer and teaches you how to never make mistakes when typing again! The only downside: ink tape. Expensive stuff and extraordinarily hard to find!
But if you are looking for a super cheap solution to this problem, I say use carbon paper but you will have to bee 100% confident in your typing ability as you cannot see what you are typing on carbon paper.


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