Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Year, New Changes...

For anyone who's been reading my blog, they'll have noticed by blog's changed a little (aka. dramatically). Why the change of background? Well, the new year is upon us, I'm about to enter my senior years in high school and not only is the year becoming 2011, but I'm moving house!
The only downsides to said house moving, is it will either clash with exams, or Christmas! Also the effort that I've put into my Wall, will have to be taken down... and re-assembled, much to my horror and dismay.

But apart from these downsides, I'm rather excited about the prospect of a new house! Sure I'll miss my house but I hope we finally get a house with a garden! I have long since dreamed of a house with a bed of roses and daffodils. I love them both. :)
So I'm hoping for the best and that we'll find a rental that'll let pets in the house.
Happy blogging!


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  1. I'm crossing my fingers you find a house that allows pets! Good luck with the move!