Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Wall...

After moving bedrooms (for the third time) in order to comply with my siblings wishes, I moved rooms earlier this year. This was a hefty chore as there was a LOT of things that I hoarde. A result of this hoarding is my wall, named 'The Wall'. In Melbourne, there are many shops that have free postcards, of which I collect. Most of these postcards end up on my wall. Along with my drawings, latest Frankie Magazine posters, goals (to get my Learner's Permit at this point in time) and other things I just like. So, back to my point, when I moved rooms I had to take down my Wall and store it in a box. There, lying in said box, I collected more and more things to stick up on my wall until I decided that the box was full and needed to go somewhere. Thus, began the re-assembling of my wall. Which is what I did...

It was both a task and an entertainment to re-assemble it but I think it looks brilliant! Well, I'm off to go continue writing my Novella Competition piece! Wish me luck!

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