Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rosettes, Egg cakes and Flowers

So I had this fantastic day the other day! First off, I had a delicious breakfast of hot egg cakes as shown below.

Ahhh - so good!

The day was gorgeous and sunny (for once) and I could finally be rid of the thick wollen socks and the thick puffy jacket. Seriously... I've had enough of winter already! Then I wanted to try and actually produce something rather than sit in front of the screen all day. Pulling out a bunch of scraps and what-nots, and pulling the idea from Kirsten, I made a red and white gingham rosette which I later sewed into a hair-tie.

The rosette has made it's debut twice now.

Continuing on from this frabjous* day, in the afternoon, my mother bought some gorgeous pink anemones (flowers). I think these really are the most perfect spring flower there is!

So why did I just blog about this fabulous day? Because I think it's important to recognise good from bad days, regardless of what pointless things may happen inbetween.


*Frabjous - meaning splendid, extraordinary etc. Yes it's from 'Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking-Glass'. Surprisingly, the word is actually now a part of the english language!

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